The best part about Diwali is driving the nation towards cleanliness. Weeks before the festival, ladies of the house begin their drill of cleaning every nook and corner of their house and there is no better way to contribute to the Swachh Indian Movement led by our honourable Prime minister than this. After the cleanliness comes the embellishment. Here are few unique rangoli designs for our dear readers.




Stencils is a great way to make beautiful rangolis most easily. Follow the video link below to learn how o use the stencils creatively in creating unique rangolis.


  1. PAINT – You can paint a peacock or some motif on a chart paper, outline it with black sketch, cut it and place it on the rangoli floor. Use rangoli colours, diyas and candles around it and see how gorgeous it looks. I have tried it and it comes out great. These are sample sketches/images for you to use.
  2. Use artificial flower petals (easily available at florists) to make flower rangolis instead of real flowers. They can be reused every year and on any occasion and don’t dry out.
  3. Use embellishments like colourful stones, buttons, threads to add interest to the rangoli by using them around and inside the rangoli.

Don’t forget to involve your kids in any way that you can.

Images from Google Images

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