When I was small, Diwali was incomplete without crackers! All the kids in our house would go to the market with our chachu and we would fill up the car boot with as many crackers as we could. It was a matter of pride to buy the best and most crackers and we ruled it! Right after the pooja, we would hit the road and burn them all leaving the best ones for the grand finale!

As much fun as it sounds, our environment and health cannot afford it anymore. I do wish my daughter could experience the same fun as us but not at the cost of her health and safety. Also, as times have changed, she would be fine bursting a few crackers in an iPAD app rather than on the street (See point 4 below to know the apps)! And who knows, in few years, some Diwali fan might invent environment friendly crackers! That would be so much fun!

In the mean time, don’t feel utterly deprived. Here are few ideas that will be lot of fun, would be much cheaper, much safer and much environment friendly!

1. SUTLEJ CLUB (For members and dependants only) 29th OCTOBER (7PM onwards)

  • Musical evening by Nooran Sisters
  • Feast
  • Fireworks display
  • Contact: 0161-2447501, 0161-2770505

Choose community gatherings instead of burning crackers individually at home. They would be using much expensive crackers and will put up a better show than you can do at home.

2. FARMHOUSES – Plan a get together with friends at one of your friend’s farm houses and you can enjoy crackers together. Open spaces are safer than homes cluttered with flammable things. More people can enjoy with minimal crackers. Be very cautious of your surroundings for fires never the less.

3. ROOF TOPS – Put gaddas on your rooftops and spend some time watching the night sky. You will see enough fireworks from there and enjoy the great weather. You can convert the experience into a very romantic setup too.

4. APPS FOR KIDS – There are lot of apps that give you a virtual fireworks experience along with games for kids. Here are a few:

  • Diwali with Tamarind Tots (PAID) – For full Diwali experience
  • iDiwali (FREE) – For virtual crackers
  • Diwali Dhoom (FREE) – Diwali game

5. CRACKER FREE DIWALI – Enjoy the light of diyas, candles and fairy lights brightening the city and enjoy a cracker free, smoke-free Diwali. If you choose this, we bow down to you and respect your support in making this Diwali more beautiful for your peers!

Let this Diwali breathe fresh air rather than smoke and cough! The real fun of festivities is only in good health. Do not miss out on our yesterday’s post about Do’s and Dont’s for this Diwali. We wish you a happy and safe Diwali.


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