As the times change so do the rules! We are not living in the same environment as our fathers and forefathers and hence it will be naive not to adapt to changing times. This Diwali we would like to share with you the DO’s and DONT’s that hold true for every citizen of this country.


  1. Light the diyas in your house using mustard oil as it wards off mosquitos and other insects and diseases. Avoid candles as they might not be made of pure bees wax and might contain chemicals harmful to the environment. (Special thanks Chhoti si Asha)
  2. Choose to visit community firework places instead of lighting fireworks individually at your homes. The pollution that you will cause will come to hit you only in the form of severe respiratory diseases.
  3. Have your roads swept after burning crackers in light of the Swachh India Movement.
  4. Save the leftovers from your lavish Diwali dinners and offer to the needy outside mandirs. Pledge to offer at least one sumptuous meal to a needy person in your neighbourhood this Diwali.
  5. Switch off the fairy or string lights decorating your house before you go to sleep and save electricity. Else do not crib of electricity cuts that the state has to apply due to scarce electricity and be dumbstruck at the sight of your electricity bills.
  6. Be extremely careful at the direction of your fireworks and do not take such things lightly. Read the instructions on the crackers thoroughly before use.
  7. Use this day to spend quality time with your family and friends and rejoice.


  1. Do not throw away pooja leftovers in rivers and streams. They will only pollute the city and bring diseases to you and your family.
  2. Do not burn crackers after 10:30 pm as you will be disturbing many elderly people and children. Diwali is not just about being happy yourself but caring for others too.
  3. Do not light and fly dolas/lanterns as they are the major cause of fire bursts in houses and factories. Meer pleasure of 10 seconds to you might destroy another families entire life!
  4. Keep young kids away from fireworks and do not let them burn crackers on their own at any cost.
  5. Do not play pranks on your family and friends using fireworks. This can be extremely dangerous and you do not want to repent later

We wish you a very Happy and safe Diwali!

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