Festivals are a great time to encourage people to be more giving and help the ones in need. Our country is sprouting with numerous charitable organisations who have young minds and young hands working tirelessly towards this very cause. Our own city has also given birth to one such organisation – ‘Chhoti SI ASHA’ founded by females from various households who are pursuing new projects around the year to the cause of welfare of kids and our society.

Their new initiative – Roshan-e- Hindustan, is aimed at encouraging people to spend their valuable money this Diwali in buying ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ products instead of Chinese products.


We are still a poverty stricken country and by making a small investment in our ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ brand we can make our contribution to the betterment of our nation. Our leader, Mr Narendra Modi, has shared a beautiful vision with us of a much more prosperous nation and is working hard for us to achieve it. Through this small deed we can make sure we do our little bit for our motherland. So don’t get lazy this Diwali too. Choose MAKE IN INDIA!

Watch the following video and share their campaign by visiting the Facebook page below. Find out more about how you can make a difference by following their page.


I have pledged! Have you?

Contact Details:

Chhoti Si Asha

Charu Jain – 9646102575

Vishakha Jain – 9878200998

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