Festivals are a great time to recall fond memories and at the same time make new ones! Dedicated to my dear husband! You complete me!

The video was made using this great app that compiles your beautiful memories in the most touching way possible. iMOVIE is an app that comes pre installed in I-phones and is an extremely easy to use app with an extremely amazing output!

If you like it, why not give it a try too this Karvachauth and post a compilation of your very own memories on Facebook dedicating it to your marriage! You can also use it to create party invites, travel logs and birthday/anniversary movies for friends and relatives.

Another amazing thing about compiling such videos is that you get that rare chance of diving into very fond memories and recalling some great times spent! I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

PS: The quality of the video might be comprised in the above as it has been redirected from our Facebook page but it is actual movie quality in its originality.

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