“Use of the word SELFIE, skyrocketed by 17,000% in one year!”

Now that we have shared so many tips with you on how to look ravishing this Karvachauth, it is equally important to know how to capture these looks in the camera. Here are 10 amazing tips by Gaurav Sethi from Gaurav Sethi Photography (Our favourite photographer!) on how to take a SELFIE!

1. One should face the sun or indirect source of light to have best selfie.

2. Avoid sun or any strong source of light at your back while taking selfie.

3. Partial lights like lights from windows by standing against the windows makes perfect selfie.

4. Avoid taking pictures with closeups. Stretch your arms and take pictures from above ur head.

5. Clean your surroundings – Before tapping that shoot button on your camera screen, clean up the view that is coming in the background. Selfies (and other photos) don’t look good if the main subject is surrounded by a lot of clutter.

6. Try to capture ambience around you in a picture. Don’t hide famous stuff. In case you’re taking a touristic selfie, you must make sure that the monument or scene behind you is clearly visible. Standing right in front of Tower of Pisa and hiding most of it behind your face is not a good idea. In such scenarios, you should adjust your position so that both you and the monument are visible.

7. Stay calm, casual and composed. A number of people become a bit nervous while taking their own photos. They may not realise it but their visage does not appear without stress in selfies. You should not take selfie as a photo session. Take it as a fun activity and do it sportingly. The more natural you are, the better the result would be.

8. Avoid taking selfies where risk is involved. No selfie is more important than your own self.

9. Wear your seat belt while taking pictures in the car. As maximum selfies are taken in cars, most people are found not wearing seat belts which is not a very pleasing sign.

10. Pouts or duck faces are a strict NO NO! To  get rid of their nervousness, people tend to make faces while taking a selfie. This is not a good idea unless this is your purpose. Don’t pout, don’t distort your face, don’t make a kissing gesture with your lips. All these things are okay once in a while —but overdoing it will spoil the show. A good professional looking selfie will be devoid of such things.

We hope these so well thought out tips were as helpful to you as to us! Thanks so much Gaurav for sharing this with us!

Happy Photography!

Gaurav sethi photography


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  1. That’s some good tips out there guys. Have never managed some very good selfies nor really bothered to better that skill but this sure will help. Thanks!

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