Photograph by A&A

The most common terminology heard when it comes to eye make up is Wing Eyeliner. We all know what it means but we are never able to pull it off as well as the make up artists. Also somewhere down we don’t really know what it should exactly look like!

Honey (Make up artist) from Honey and Peaches Beauty Clinic (Behind MBD mall) is someone I have always admired for her calibre and patience since the time I have known her. She very sweetly agreed to give us a short step by step guide for our blog to help our readers understand what a wing liner is all about and how to incorporate it into an elegant day look.

Step 1


Moisturise your skin well with your choice of moisturiser and then apply a BB cream with your fingers and base brush to even your skin tone. (BB cream by MISSHA available at

Step 2


Apply a basic bronze eye shadow over your eye lid and a little highlighter if you like.

Step 3




Cut a piece of doctors tape and apply it under the eyes as shown in the picture above. Make sure the tape is not too sticky otherwise it might pinch a little when you peel it off. Apply the liner along the tape to give you a perfect wing.

Step 4



Apply black eye liner under the eye.

Step 5 


Add little silver eye shadow near the corners of the eye and then complete your look with mascara, little blush and lip colour of your choice.

We recommend this simple yet classy look for any day outing and also for Karvachauth. You can add glitter eye shadows or apply a thick eye liner if you are looking for something more formal.

Thanks Honey for sharing this with us.


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