When I was a kid, going to the Dussehra mela with my father/chachu, brothers and sisters was a yearly ritual and nobody could break this ritual for us. We would all cramp up in the car, one on top of the other, too excited to bother about being squashed and head straight to witness the Dussehra celebrations.

At the mela, we were instructed to hold each others hands all the time as we moved from ride to ride shouting and squealing with joy! We would watch the Raavan light up, play few games, grab a bite to eat and then come to the most important part of the evening. Each of us would be given the opportunity to pick one and only one item from the redhi wala to take home. It would be so exciting! It could be anything – teer kamaan, gadda, sword, a mask, anything. And no exchanges and no complaints if our brothers or sisters got the better of us. These used to be the most important decisions for us as kids. I miss those times!

Now coming to reality, here are few places where you can take your kids to catch Dussehra mela celebrations in the city.

  1. Aggar Nagar – I visited here last time and its great if you are looking for something simple and small. Its not super crowded but don expect it to be completely crowd free as well.
  2. Daresi – That’s where the big celebration happens. It is huge but turns out they have two grounds. One for the families and the other for the crowd. You can also invest in VIP passes if you want some breathing space.
  3. Sukhmani enclave – This would again not be very big so easy to visit.
  4. TV – If you don’t have kids, you can stay home and watch everything on the TV!

But remember, wherever you go, it will be busy and crowded. Its Dussehra after all. So be very carefull with your kids and of your belongings. Finally we have a great video for you to show to your kids that explains what Dussehra is all about!


Wishing all our readers a very happy and safe Dussehra! Let the celebrations begin!

Photograph from Google images

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