Sometimes in life, some thought, some words strike you so hard that they make you stop for a moment to wonder and reflect on them. Something like that happened with me few days back and I would like to share them with you. After all, who knows, they might startle you as well and help you have a more beautiful day today…




First learn to control your mind, then everything will follow…

Meaning: It all begins from your mind! If you make sure that your thoughts towards the others are right, you will automatically emote right and your actions will also be right. If you resent your spouse or in laws or some friend in any way, then no matter how much you try to put up a happy face and act like a good person, your actions will always show otherwise. You can control your smile but you cannot control the fine lines on your face which reflect your heart!

So you must try to first correct your feelings towards your peers by putting everything behind you. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about your actions at all! That’s the only way that will always keep you smiling!

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