Photograph by A&A

Girls! Going to the parlour to add that extra glam to your party look is now thing of the past. You’ll be surprised how a simple addition of false eye lashes to your eye make up can transform your entire look. For all those who thought that this was a thing for the experts, think again. Follow these super simple instructions and tell us how you made heads turn! Our sincere thanks to Aarushi Oswal (Ludhiana’s favourite Make up-artist) for sharing this with us.


  1. Set of false eye lashes
  2. Scissors
  3. Eyelash adhesive
  4. Eye lash curler
  5. Mascara
  6. Kajal pencil


Photograph by A&A


  1. First collect the things listed above and keep them ready in front of you.
  2. Apply eyeliner using the kajal pencil.
  3. Curl up your eye lashes using the eye lash curler and apply mascara.
  4. Check the size of the false eye lash against your eye before applying it and trim it with scissors if necessary. Apply adhesive glue on the false eye lash as shown in the picture above.
  5. Carefully apply the false eyelash along the kajal line, pressing gently so that it sticks.

You can choose dense or light eye lashes depending on the kind of look you want. Now take a few minutes before you open your eyes (allowing the adhesive to dry up) and widen your smile when you see how great it looks!


Special thanks to Aarushi Oswal (Make up artist) for teaching us such a simple and great way to look fab!

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