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Hello Mommies!

Today I would like to introduce you all to my daughter ADVIKA KHANNA who is the sunshine of my life (after my husband!). She is 2 years old and her vocabulary beats that of a 5 year old easily. Did you know what a crocodile’s baby is called? Well she knows! Its called a hatchling.

How does she know all that? Answer is Books! At the tender age of 2, she already has a proud collection of over 100 books which she happily reads over and over again. Today we both would like to share with you OUR favourites! (See the photograph on the side)


Available at : Paul Book Shop, Malhar road;,

LADYBIRD BOOKSThis is the name of the Publisher. They offer a series with 3 Levels (Red/Green/Blue) and each level has 5-10 different story books. Red is the beginner level with little written material and as you climb up a level, the written material increases.


  1. The quality of their books in terms of binding, printing, paper quality surpasses any children’s book I have seen.
  2. The author has written the stories brilliantly – Great content, great endings, great narration! The pictures narrate the story themselves making it very easy for the kids to understand what you are saying.

MAISY STORIES – Maisy is the name of the character who is a mouse. This series has books with Maisy visiting different places like the nursery, library, hospital, dentist etc. and narrating her experiences.


  1. The stories are very realistic covering the tiniest of the details that kids experience when they visit such places themselves making it very intriguing for them.
  2. The pictures in the book show the characters doing funny things which make the kids giggle such as Maisy sitting on the pot or her friends playing with foam etc.
  3. The book is very colourful and attractive too.

Apart from buying these books, don’t forget to read these stories to your kids with the same enthusiasm with which the author has written them. Stay tuned to our BLOG to find out how to read stories to toddlers.

Don’t forget to tell us how you liked this post and how much your kids loved these books using the comments bar below.


Thanks my Kuku! Love – Aaki Mumma


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