Struggling to find some awesome games to make your couple kitty a hit? We are here to the rescue…All the three games are tried and tested and so easy to set up! So just play away…



TOOLS: 2 Pillow cushions, Slips with names of Bollywood actors and actresses on them placed separately in the 2 bowls

METHOD: Pass around the bowls amongst the members. The boys should be offered the slips with female actors and the girls with the male actors. Ask them to announce the name on the slip loudly one by one and the other members must remember who is whom.

Then let the music play and pass around the 2 cushions starting from opposite ends while the members stand in a circle like in a pass the parcel game. When the music stops, the two members who are holding the cushions must shout out the name of the other member and whoever identifies the other person first and correctly, stays, the other is out. Continue the game till you are left with a winner and see how hilarious it gets! In the end if it becomes too easy to remember the names, you can switch names or add the members who are already out to add interest.


TOOL: A bucket list with different selfie poses

METHOD: Each couple gets a list with 6-7 selfie poses. The couple that clicks all the pics in the correct order and uploads them in the couple kitty group the fastest wins. This is a great game with really funny pictures to see and laugh at later too!

Few suggestions for the list are:

  • Couple making a pout (Its hilarious to see the guys making a pout!)
  • Couple angry at each other
  • You can put some props like a moustache for the girl and a red lips on a straw for the guys
  • Couple holding their shoes on their head
  • Selfie with the hosts
  • Romantic click
  • A snapchat video!

3. WHO AM I?

TOOL: A Bedsheet, Slips with famous filmy dialogues in a bowl

METHOD: This is a group game. Make two teams one of boys and the other of girls. Hold a bedsheet between the two teams. The first team picks up a slip and reads out the dialogue with a changed voice to the other team. The other team has to guess the name of the member who is reading it. See how funny it gets when people take out squeaky or grunted voices and when the spouses fail to recognise their voices of their partners!

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